About Valuerize

We are in the middle of a paradigm shift where both people and organizations are actively seeking for new ways to collaborate to create a better and sustainable world. We can see a clear trend that indicates that we need to shift our current focus on money and individual success, to more conscious and value-creating behaviors. The prevailing paradigm says that someone needs to lose if you win, that more money and higher profits are the ultimate success, but now we know that with a councious, communicating and developed leadership we can create value for all stakeholders.

Happiness and meaning are not created through a focus on higher profits and increased control, but through positive loving relationships and the joy of fulfilling a common higher purpose. People who work together towards a higher purpose, beyond profits and who understand the power of value creating relationships will flourish in a way that lifts both people and results far above today’s level. By raising awareness about how communication works and improving people’s emotional intelligence, individuals and organizations can become more successful than ever.

It is the leader’s job to take good care of him or herself as well of the people in the organization. Make sure they feel good, are listened to and that they have everything they need to succeed in their mission. It makes it easier for people to evolve, become more innovative and to constantly contribute to their own and all stakeholders’ success.


The company started back in 2012 as a result of some very important and uplifting personal insights for me. The power of the journey towards a higher purpose combined with the benefits of increased awareness in all people made it clear. We can, and need to contribute to a better world by taking care of our important personal needs. When we try to be at service of others leaving our own basic needs behind, we can not thrive. The personal gains are fenomenal when you crystalize your deepest personal values and by raised awareness understand more of how you need to behave to meet those needs. When you live your personal values you can thrive and become the best version ever of yourself which gives you the necessary platform to remain in balance when supporting others. You have created a win-win situation and a life in balance.


Göran Broodh

Strategic framework of Valuerize

Higher purpose

Accelerate the development of values driven cultures


Loving people working together in a sustainable world


To support people raise awareness, focus and inner stillness