Create more joy at work

In a culture guided by clear values and no signs of fears, innovation, activity and development flourish between individuals and groups. Everyone wants to participate on their own initiative and contribute to the company’s higher purpose. When employees find their work meaningful and the culture matches their personal values, the commitment to develop the company and constantly improve the customer experience increases. A culture full of joy is not just healthy, it is also profitable.

You get support throughout the process – invest in more joy at work!

Evaluate your values


By mapping the values in your culture, you get a better understanding of what the current culture looks like and what is really important to the employees. What engages them to contribute the success of the organization? When all employees are invited to participate, commitment and involvement is created around your work to develop the culture.

Analyze your data


We present a report that tells the difference between your current culture and the culture the members of the organization desire. It also shows important personal values of the employees and to what extent they are matching the company’s culture. The report also helps you understand if there is energy leak in the organization that need to be adressed.

Change your culture


The result of the assessment makes a great foundation for you to design an effective action plan to get more joy at work. You get a clear idea of what works well in the organization and what needs to change to be able to develop behaviors that supports your higher purpose and your values on your journey towards your vision and a more profitable future.

Happy colleagues create outstanding results!