Becoming a successful leader is the goal of many leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs. To make it, you need to grow from being a highly productive person for yourself, to mastering the process of bringing out the full potential and success in your leadership team or entire organization. The process is all about your values and behaviors as a leader, how you respond and act in your daily work to all the demands, information, and reactions you will meet. The more focused and balanced you are, the more efficient you will be able to solve, inspire and develop for the best of all stakeholders involved in the process.

Values driven leadership builds profitability and trust

Research shows that values driven teams, organizations and communities are the most successful. Values driven organizations generate higher returns, are more customer-focused and more productive. The employees in these companies also have a higher level of commitment, stay longer within the company and have fewer days away from work. Values driven organizations also generate more customer loyalty and more value for society. The reason for the successes is that they strive to meet the needs of all stakeholders, which in turn generates a high level of trust. Trust and confidence include people and bring us closer together and make it natural for energy and passion to flow.

Our leadership development programs

Värderingsdriven person som lärt sig hantera sina rädslor

Values driven person

The program supports you in your strive to find inner strength by crystalizing a personal higher purpose and a clear set of values. You will get guidance to grow into a viable person with a clear inner peace. You will develop behaviors and mental strategies to deal with limiting fears and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of a developed communication and how it affects the result of your efforts.

Values driven leader

Values driven leader

The program helps you develop a clear and modern values driven leadership. It also gives you tools and understanding of how you can help others develop their leadership. You get support to connect to your own leadership values and develop your emotional intelligence. You develop the inner stability required to be able to handle both your own and other persons needs in a balanced way. You learn the true meaning of win-win.

Values driven strategist

Values driven strategist

Developing a values driven organization requires well-balanced leadership from those responsible for the organization’s development. You take action to implement and nurture the culture by performing the behavior that express the values your organization have chosen. You grow into a true role model and work focused to create an attractive workplace and a sustainable, successful company.

Get in contact with the Coach

Leadership Development Coach

Your coach will be a very senior and experienced developer. After more than 1 500 clients for individual coaching Göran have had the opportunity to work with leaders from most types of business, like industrial and finance to e-commerce and construction companies. No matter what role you have, we have a development program with the right process to help you grow from where you are right now to a new professional level. Please contact Göran for a meeting totally free of charge, to find out what would be the perfect solution for you.

Leadership philosophy 

Valuerize are partners to Barrett Values Centre and benefit from the vast knowledge base of values driven organizations developed by Richard Barrett. To bring facts into all our development processes we use the Barrett Model. There are a wide range of assessments created to crystalize the positive, as well as limiting values held by persons, leaders and organizations. The modern and very effective tools helps us find the right focus for change which makes the coaching and workshop processes motivating and successful for our clients.

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