About Valuerize a values driven culture

A workplace with a values driven culture is a place where people feel safe and secure as well as motivated to contribute to the success of the business. A culture where the personal values of the employees’ match the values of the organisation. When you feel that your leader listens to you and understands your needs, you are willing to do your best to deliver what is required to achieve the goals. You feel like you are a part of a family or a group that shares your values, what is important to you is also important to them.

The company culture is a reflection of the behaviors of the leaders and when the leaders become aware of their values and behaviors, they can guide the people in the organisation by being the good example. Through increased awareness of the consequences of the behaviors, a purposeful change can take place towards the behaviors that create the desired consequences.

Valuerize is about helping leaders continue to grow to their full potential by growing from the inside out, step by step. When you become aware of your inner mental resistance and subconscious beliefs, and learn to deal with these obstacles, you are in a very powerful position as a leader. In order to lead others, you must be able to lead yourself by consciously meeting your own personal needs while others have their needs met.


The company started back in 2012 as a result of some very important and uplifting personal insights for me. The power of the journey towards a higher purpose combined with the benefits of increased awareness in all people made it clear. We can, and need to contribute to a better world by taking care of our important personal needs. When you try to be at service of others leaving your own basic needs behind, you can not thrive. The personal gains are fenomenal when you crystalize your deepest personal values and by raised awareness understand more of how you need to behave to meet those needs. When you live your personal values you can thrive and become the best version ever of yourself which gives you the necessary platform to remain in balance when supporting others. You have created a powerful process and a life in balance. The platform for a values driven culture is in place.

Göran Broodh Leadership coach

Göran Broodh

You and the coach

When you grow I grow, my interest in your unique background, person and desire gives me the opportunity to spend my days beeing part of amazing progress and positive outcome for you –  my client. The power of curiosity and genuine wish to understand creates a very natural development process. The coaching process is therefore a fundamental and natural core of the programs. The more time you spend in what I call “coaching mode” the better results you will achieve as a leader.

The coaching approach

To keep on growing as a leader you need to become self aware and find inner stillness and peace. Your mind is calm and you are fully focused on the other persons world, not your own. You are aware of your own thoughts and have learned to manage situations when stress, fear or avoidance creeps into your thoughts. You breathe, stay focused and keep on leading by asking all the necessary questions needed to bring clarity to the other persons story, challenges and desires. When clarity is created it is far more easy to find out a suitable next step forward.