Coaching is a very powerful way of communicating with other people. Your main focus is to understand the situation and the most important needs that needs to be addressed. Coaching is not just listening, it is a very dynamic process of questions, answers, ideas and conclusions. When you master the coaching process you act as a natural force in the room and secure understanding and well-grounded decisions. This creates great efficiency and shared view of what’s decided and why. You immediately notice when someone is not engaged or misunderstands, and act to support them being present in the moment.

As you grow your awareness and control your thoughts, you simultaneously increase your ability to stay in what I call “coaching mode” to achieve the results you are aiming for as a leader. The power of curiosity and a genuine wish to understand creates a very natural development process. When you fall into the trap of talking and direct people with poor listening you loose your positive influence and ability to contribute on a high level. Check yourself if you are in “coaching mode” or if you have stepped into “explaining mode” right now and reflect upon the difference it makes for you.

The coaching approach

As a great leader you show up in any situation with solid inner balance and awareness. Your calm mind gives you the ability to focus on other peoples ideas, thoughts and feelings, not primarily on your own thoughts. You are aware of your own thoughts and have learned to manage situations when stress, fear or avoidance creeps into your mind. You breathe, stay focused and keep on leading by asking all the questions needed, to bring clarity to the other persons story, challenges and wishes. When clarity is created, it is far more easy to find out a suitable next step forward. When you bring out creativity and reflection in others, you support them in finding the path forward. You are the catalyst in a powerful development process.