Fears, beliefs and desires limits your world view!

  • Your inner subconscious dialogue wants you to believe that you are your thoughts.

  • Your subconscious mind controls your thoughts – they are showing up without your permission.

  • Your subconscious mind are automatically searching for a chance to confirm the thoughts.

  • Your way of expressing yourself is controlled by these thoughts.

  • Your behaviours are controlled by these thoughts and feel natural and obvious.

  • You will defend your mental position created in your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is directing your focus

Consciousness expands your world view!

  • You are aware your thoughts are not you and you let them come and go.

  • You are aware of your thoughts and decide independently weather they are of any value for you.

  • You control your impulses and listen to others in order to understand the full picture.

  • Your way of expressing yourself is consciously decided by you in the present moment.

  • Your behaviours are controlled by you through conscious decisions based on your core values and feel natural and obvious.

  • You are able to let other people express their ides and personal viewpoint without interrupting or correcting.

Your conscious focus into the present moment

Your focus is absolutely essential!

  • Your subconscious will direct your thoughts into the future or trying to suggest focusing on memories are important.

  • Your view of the present moment is influenced by your thoughts and and you find yourself defending your mental position.

  • When you notice the thoughts and let them pass by, you decide to not let them control your focus.

  • Your focus is totally directed into the now, into the current moment and you are able to listen to options from the world outside.

  • You accept what is right now in the situation taking place in front of you as facts, you do not automatically fight it to make your own mental position win.

  • You are enjoying being calm and focused on your journey to embrace the situation in order to understand and make sustainable decisions.

What are you focusing on?

A values driven culture starts with you!

  • You need to be fully aware of your personal needs to lead yourself properly.

  • When you are aware of your needs, you are responsible for fulfilling them to gain personal balance.

  • With yourself in balance you are ready to support and challenge others to gain personal balance and growth.

  • When you can lead and support others without fears, beliefs and dominance of your own subconscious thoughts, you are ready to lead an organisation.

  • You understand the power of values, and behave in alignment with your leadership values and the chosen values of the organisation.

  • You have evolved into a Values driven strategist, who have gained great inner stillness and balance in order to understand and act upon the needs of all stakeholders.

Leading yourself