Values driven person

The program supports you in your strive to find inner strength by crystalizing a personal higher purpose and a clear set of values. You will get guidance to grow into a viable person with a clear inner peace. You will develop behaviors and mental strategies to deal with limiting fears and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of a developed communication and how it affects the result of your efforts. The main focus of this introduction program is to support you find a healthy balance between your needs and the needs of others, as well as the difference between what you believe and the reality.

Main content

  • Initial session to understand your person, situation, needs and what you desire to achieve.

  • Conduct a Personal Values Assessment.

  • Identify your most important areas for development.

  • Identify your core personal values and the key behaviors backing them.

  • Establish a goal setting process to reach your goals and live your values.

  • Conduct a half time and full time evaluation to share with your management.