Values driven strategist

Developing a values driven organisation requires well-balanced leadership from those responsible for the development of the business. You take action to implement and nurture the desired culture by performing the behaviors that express the values your organisation have chosen. You grow into a true master of communication, focused on value creating activities to grow and maintain an attractive workplace and a sustainable, successful company. As a strategist you have learned how to take full responsibility for the long term goals as well as establishing a structured organisation. You establish a follow up process to support your team members in their effort to reach their own and this teams goals. You keep yourself away from most operational tasks and focus on understanding the bigger picture to guide the organisation towards the company vision.

Main content

  • Initial session to understand your organisational challenges, situation, needs and what you desire to achieve.

  • Conduct an Organisational Values Assessment.

  • Identify your most important areas for strategic leadership and organisational development.

  • Identify your core leadership values and the key behaviors backing them and establishing a set of organisational values.

  • Establish a goal setting process to reach the goals for yourself and your organisation, as well as implement a clear set of organisational values.

  • Conduct a half time and full time evaluation to share with your management.