Culture values assessment

Transform the culture of your organisation. Imagine being able to get a comprehensive diagnostic of the culture of your organisation by asking your employees three simple questions that take around 15 minutes to complete. Furthermore, imagine being able to get reports for any demographic grouping you care to list. That is exactly what the comprehensive culture assessment from Barrett Values Centre, used by over 6,000 organisations, enables you to do.

Benefits of the culture assessment

  • The Culture Assessment provides you with a detailed understanding of the personal motivations of employees, their experience within your organization, and the direction the organization should be heading.
  • The results can generate deep, meaningful conversations about the purpose, priorities, and strategy of the organization and the well-being of all stakeholders.
  • It provides a road map for achieving high performance, full-spectrum resilience, and sustainability.

Key features

  • Short Survey – The survey instrument asks only three questions, is available online, and requires only 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • Customizable – The survey may be customized to the specific cultural and demographic needs of the groups being surveyed.
  • Demographics – The richness of the Culture Assessment survey data is determined by the depth of demographic categories you select. There is no limit to the number of group categories you can choose.
  • Cost-Effective – The Culture Assessment is affordable for both small and large organizations. Costs are based on the number of survey participants and the type of reports requested. Reduced fees are available for primary and secondary educational institutions and non-profit organizations.
  • Fast Turnaround – A Culture Assessment typically goes from survey initiation to reporting in two to four weeks.
  • Alleviate Survey Fatigue – The Culture Assessment can be easily linked to the front or back end of other organization-wide staff surveys. There is an option to provide each participant with a unique survey link, against which their demographic options can be pre-loaded, to reduce time spent on the survey.

What defines our culture?

Culture Values Assessment 1

What is the strength and health of our culture?

Culture Values Assessment 2

What does an overview of our results look like ?

Culture Values Assessment 1

Are our personal values aligned with the current culture?

Culture Values Assessment 1

What values differ the most in current culture compared to desired culture?

Culture Values Assessment 5

Are there any limiting values in our current culture?

Culture Values Assessment 6

At what level of evolution are we as an organisation?

Culture Values Assessment 7

What would could be changed to get more of our desired culture?

Culture Values Assessment 8

Are we as an organisation balanced when it comes to processes, people and purpose?

What would give us the greatest desired change for the future?