Values driven leader

The program helps you develop a clear and modern values driven leadership. Values driven, meaning you are aware of and aligned with your core values and are able to act accordingly in all sorts of situations. It also gives you tools and understanding of how you can help others grow their leadership and increase their awareness. You get support to connect to your own leadership values and develop the important behaviors supporting your values. You grow the inner stability required to handle both your own and other persons needs in a balanced way. You learn the true meaning of win-win communication and how to develop your team or organisation in a clear and efficient manner.

Main content

  • Initial session to understand your leadership challenges, situation, needs and what you desire to achieve.

  • Conduct a Leadership Values Assessment.

  • Identify your most important areas for development as a leader and person.

  • Identify your core leadership values and the key behaviors backing them.

  • Establish a goal setting process to reach the goals for you and your team and live your leadership values.

  • Conduct a half time and full time evaluation to share with your management.